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Hardware Not Required! Introducing the Geotab OEM Telematics Platform

The Geotab OEM Telematics Platform makes it possible to integrate third-party information from OEM vehicles and equipment into MyGeotab.

Geotab has always believed in an open platform approach to enable customers get more value out of our products. In continuation of the same objective, we have developed the OEM Telematics Platform. This solution leverages the emerging trend of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) adding an embedded telematics device into vehicles.

Overview of the Geotab OEM Telematics Platform

Leading vehicle manufacturers have been including an embedded telematics device into their recent vehicle models. Such devices are capable of collecting OEM-specific vehicle information as well as telematics data after customers provide appropriate consent to the manufacturer. Geotab’s OEM platform provides the capability to integrate telematics data from the manufacturer and make it available on MyGeotab.

In a way, the Geotab OEM Telematics Platform leverages the building blocks available to all our integration partners. The functionality is available for partners to send telematics data from their devices via Geotab APIs defined in the SDK. The OEM platform goes a step further by developing the integration capability internally. This not only standardizes the user experience but relieves the partner from spending effort to build and maintain the integration software. The platform is hosted by Geotab within a secured, highly available production environment which undergoes regular maintenance release cycles. This ensures that a high quality and reliable service is available to our users, so they can focus on what matters most to them — managing safe, productive and efficient fleet operations.

Value for fleets

The solution provides distinct value to fleets which already have vehicles or construction equipment with embedded telematics devices. Some of the key benefits are highlighted below.

Benefits of using an OEM telematics platform:

  • Cost advantage — No device hardware or installation costs.

  • Ease of use — Use the same MyGeotab portal and UI for tracking. Use the existing database to view devices from several pre-integrated OEMs alongside GO devices.

  • Faster time to market — No delays related to device shipment or installation.

  • Access to additional data — OEM and sensor data is sent directly by the embedded OEM device such as tire pressure.

How can you use the solution?

Here is the process for getting started with the Geotab OEM Telematics Platform, at a very high level.

1. Activate OEM telematics service.

2. Register third-party devices on MyAdmin.

3. Add the serial number and VIN of each device in MyGeotab.

Once the devices are added to MyGeotab, they can be used from the same user interface. As the OEM device data is captured from third-party source, some built-in reports rules and exceptions may not be useful if the OEM data is not as rich as the data from a GO device. Geotab is building additional software capabilities to bridge this gap where possible and working with OEMs to help them improve their data. In the interim, sample reports and rules can be provided by Geotab for each OEM. This will enable customers in deriving insights from the third-party vehicle data.

Ford Motors (USA)

  • Provides Geotab with telematics data from vehicles with Ford-engineered, factory-fitted modems

  • This data supports MyGeotab and our big data environments

General Motors (USA)

  • Provides Geotab with telematics data from vehicles with GM-engineered, factory-fitted modems

  • This data supports MyGeotab and our big data environments

Cummins, Inc.

  • Provides unique analytics to process data from Cummins engines

  • Enables instant delivery of fault codes and recommended actions


  • Provides near-real time monitoring of fault codes from trucks and buses

  • Uses holistic data to find and diagnose root causes

John Deere

  • Provides near-real time monitoring of fault codes from JD integrated devices

  • Visibility of Fuel Usage, Idling trends, Engine Hours, PTO Usage

Volvo / Mack ELD

  • Monitor and record Hours of Service compliance, Records of Duty Status, and Driver Inspection utilizing the factory installed device.

Request a demo today to learn more.

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