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Naspo Sourcewell
Government Fleet Solutions

Fleet Telematics Leader

We specialize in providing comprehensive telematics solutions tailored for public fleets. From Public Works to People Transport, our services are designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and compliance across various government sectors.
Leveraging over 2000 government agencies' trust in our cutting-edge technology, we guarantee unparalleled support in capturing, measuring, and analyzing crucial fleet data. Discover how our solutions can transform your public fleet operations, ensuring optimal performance and community service.

Public Works

In the realm of Public Works, our innovative solutions empower your fleet to tackle the challenges of today while preparing for the demands of tomorrow. Leveraging the latest in telematics technology, we provide unparalleled insights into your operations, from waste management and snow removal to comprehensive device integration. Our aim is to enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and promote sustainability across all facets of public works services. Dive into how our solutions, depicted through vivid imagery, bring tangible benefits to your fleet operations.

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Garbage Truck

Sustainable Operations Management

Through detailed monitoring and data analysis, we enable fleet managers to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize environmental impact. This not only streamlines operations but also reinforces the commitment of public works to community health and the planet.


Community Safety and Mobility Services

With our advanced tracking and reporting tools, public works departments can manage snow removal operations more effectively, ensuring roads are cleared quickly and efficiently. This capability is crucial for minimizing disruptions and maintaining access to essential services during winter months.


Fleet Efficiency and Analytics

This simple yet powerful installation unlocks a world of data, offering deep insights into vehicle performance, driver behavior, and much more. By tapping into this rich information source, public works fleets can enhance maintenance practices, improve safety, and drive significant cost savings, all while delivering exceptional public service.

Public Safety

Public Safety is paramount in fostering a secure and resilient community. Our cutting-edge solutions for police, EMS, and fire departments ensure rapid response, reliable performance, and comprehensive safety management. By integrating Geotab's sophisticated fleet management technology, public safety vehicles are equipped with real-time data, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency to protect both officers and civilians alike.

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Police Car

Rapid Response and Reliability

Leveraging real-time GPS tracking and analytics, Geotab enables rapid deployment and efficient routing for emergency vehicles. This ensures that help arrives where it's needed most, as quickly as possible.

Emergency Vehicles

Advanced Emergency Services

Predictive maintenance alerts and detailed vehicle diagnostics help minimize downtime for crucial emergency vehicles, ensuring they are ready and reliable when the community needs them most.

Fire Trucks Leaving Station

Enhanced Community Protection

With robust data security measures and compliance with global privacy regulations, Geotab ensures that sensitive operational data is protected, supporting the integrity of public safety missions.


In the Utilities sector, efficiency, reliability, and safety are paramount. Geotab's solutions offer utility fleets the tools to navigate challenging conditions, manage resources effectively, and ensure the safety of both employees and the communities they serve. From real-time vehicle tracking to rugged device protection, Geotab empowers utility operations with unparalleled insights and control.

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Utilities Fleet Tracking

Enhanced Worker Safety and Compliance


Efficient Resource and Asset Management

Rugged Tracking Device

Rugged Reliability for Harsh Conditions

Ensure the safety of field workers with Geotab's real-time monitoring capabilities. Stay compliant with industry regulations through meticulous data recording and reporting.

Optimize the deployment and utilization of utility assets with Geotab's advanced tracking and analytics. Reduce fuel consumption, manage maintenance, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Geotab's GO9 RUGGED device is built to withstand the toughest environments, providing reliable data collection and tracking for vehicles operating in extreme conditions.

People Transport

People Transport is vital to the accessibility and functionality of communities, requiring a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Geotab's telematics solutions empower school and public transport systems to enhance passenger safety, streamline operations, and reduce environmental impact, fostering a reliable and trustworthy transport service.

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Public Transportation Fleet Tracking

Optimizing Public and School Transport

Our technology monitors driving behavior and vehicle health, ensuring that the journey to and from school is as safe as possible for our future generations.

Transportation Fleet Tracking

Data-Driven Service Improvement

Through data analytics and system integration, we help optimize routes and schedules, improving the passenger experience and supporting eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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