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Unlimited Free Reports with Geotab

Easily Schedule, Manage, & Customize With Unlimited Reports!

Geotab offers unparalleled flexibility in reporting, providing the insights you need in the format you prefer, exactly when you need them.

Unlimited Scheduled Reports

Automating reports allows fleet managers to concentrate on their priorities by seamlessly monitoring fleet activities. Deliver tailored insights accessible exactly when and where they're needed. This functionality enables you to monitor fleet performance in real-time or set reports for daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reviews.

Schedule your reports at any frequency that suits your needs for instant access. Simplified dashboards analyze thousands of data points, allowing customization and filtering by any critical parameter.

With automated reporting, fleet managers can effectively oversee fleet efficiency, safety, compliance, maintenance, and asset utilization. You can configure custom rules to generate automated alerts and reminders for crucial information, ensuring you never miss important updates.

Select the report that is needed

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Receive your Report!

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What Type of Reports are Offered?


  • Detailed Vehicle Data: Access comprehensive data for each vehicle in your fleet.

  • Fuel Usage: Monitor fuel consumption to optimize efficiency.

  • Maintenance History: Review past maintenance activities.

  • Maintenance Due: Keep up with upcoming maintenance needs.

  • Idling Events, Total Fuel Use, and Total Miles Trends: Gain insights into idling patterns, fuel usage, and mileage trends.

MyGeotab Reports
MyGeotab Overview


  • Driver Safety Scorecard: Evaluate driver safety practices.

  • Vehicle Speed Profile: Compare actual versus posted speeds.

  • Engine Faults and Measurements: Monitor engine performance and detect faults.

  • Safety Violations (Exceptions): Identify and record safety violations.

  • Accidents: Document and analyze accident data.

  • Audit Logs: Maintain records of safety-related events.​


  • Trips History: Review detailed logs of trips made.

  • Customer Visits: Track and manage customer interaction.

  • Congregation Events: Monitor events where multiple vehicles gather.

  • Time Card Log: Keep records of driver timesheets.

  • Planned vs Actual Routes: Compare planned routes against those actually driven.

MyGeotab Maps History
Geotab Risk Management


  • Risk Management: Monitor and manage compliance risks effectively.

  • Driving Hours Status Log: Track and log driving hours to ensure compliance with regulations.

Rules & Exceptions

Rules are an essential tool for monitoring and managing your fleet effectively. With Geotab's capabilities, you can establish specific rules within MyGeotab tailored to the entire company or designated groups, enhancing driver safety and fleet productivity.

Investing time in configuring company-wide rules in MyGeotab will bolster both safety and operational efficiency. Learn the process of implementing rules to oversee and enforce safety measures such as harsh braking, seatbelt use, and speeding.


Broaden these rules to boost productivity by defining criteria like lunch duration, number of unauthorized stops, and vehicle idling times. The system will promptly notify you through email or an alert whenever these rules are breached.



Harsh Braking

-54 G

Passenger Car

Least Sensitive



Most Sensitive

This rule will trigger when a harsh braking event causes a g-force greater than the configured value to be exerted on the vehicle.




10 MPH

Vehicle Speed Limit

Speed is monitored against the posted road speed. Posted road speed information is not always accurate, so a threshold of at least 10 km/h (6 mi/h) over the posted speed is suggested. If there is no posted road speed information for a section of a trip, then no violation will be logged. If the rule is configured to use truck speed limits, all assets in the fleet will be monitored against truck road speed.

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