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Geotab Savings

Your Path to Savings

Our Solutions Deliver

Our Guarantee...

The return on investment from our telematic solutions happens immediately. Within a month, you will see 15 to 20% savings on your costs.

Maximize Your Fleet's Efficiency and Savings

Reduced Fuel Costs

Enhanced Safety

Compliance with Regulations

Improved Maintenance

Theft Recovery

Data-Driven Decision Making

Operational Efficiency

Increased Productivity

Lower Insurance Premiums

Maintenance Management

Easy Maintenance Scheduling

Maximize fleet uptime with telematics-driven maintenance scheduling. By tapping into detailed vehicle data such as odometer readings and engine hours, our system helps you schedule maintenance only when necessary, reducing downtime and operational costs. Early detection of potential issues through engine diagnostic reports allows for timely interventions, preventing costly repairs and extending vehicle life.

Maintenance Reminders

Fully Customize and Add Any Reminder

Examples Include...

 Battery Replacement

Oil Change

Tire Rotation

(DOT) Safety Inspection

Maintenance Insights

Maintenance Insights

Address engine problems early by tracking engine fault code information with Geotab’s advanced diagnostic capabilities. Unlike some competitors who offer basic Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), Geotab delivers a more thorough and precise analysis, leading to faster and more accurate vehicle diagnostics. Our Engine Status Reports are designed to catch early signs of engine issues, allowing you to prevent costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your vehicles.


Fuel & Idling Savings

Understanding Fuel Usage Trends

Fuel costs can account for up to 60% of total fleet operating expenses. By examining fuel usage and idling trends over recent months, fleet managers can gain valuable insights into where efficiencies can be improved. Analyzing patterns in fuel consumption, aggressive driving, speeding, and idling can highlight areas for improvement and coaching. A comprehensive review helps integrate various metrics, providing a clearer overall picture and preventing data from being isolated in silos.

Fuel Trends
Improve fuel efficency

Minimizing Unnecessary Idling

Idling not only consumes between a quarter and a half gallon of fuel per hour, but it also leads to engine residue that can escalate maintenance costs and increase CO2 emissions. Reducing idling times can significantly cut fuel costs and contribute to a healthier environment by decreasing air pollution. Effective strategies include educating drivers on the impact of idling and encouraging them to turn off engines during prolonged stops.

Promoting Sustainable Fleet Operations

Reducing fuel consumption directly correlates with decreased carbon emissions, advancing your fleet's sustainability goals. As gas prices soar and environmental regulations tighten, adopting these strategies becomes even more critical. Not only do these efforts lead to cost savings, but they also help organizations meet their climate targets, enhancing the fleet's overall sustainability profile.

Green Fleet Dashboard
Fuel Idling Savings

Reduce Insurance Costs & Simplify Asset Management

Driving Down Insurance Costs with Geotab

By monitoring driver behavior and collision data, our system not only helps in managing risks but also supports you in negotiating lower insurance costs. In the event of an accident, Geotab's technology provides crucial collision data, helping to reconstruct the event for insurance and legal purposes, potentially exonerating your drivers and reducing liabilities.

Accident Reconstruction
Asset Utilization

Simplified Asset Management 

Efficiently manage your fleet's lifecycle with our telematics solutions. By tracking asset utilization and driving behavior, you can extend the operational life of your vehicles, maintain higher disposal values, and optimize your fleet size based on actual data. This strategic approach not only maximizes productivity but also ensures cost-effective fleet management.

Recover Stolen Assets Quickly

We help businesses keep a constant watch over their valuable equipment and vehicles. In the event of theft, the real-time location data provided by Geotab enables swift action and collaboration with law enforcement to recover stolen property. Additionally, Geotab's robust reporting tools and alerts ensure that you are immediately notified of any unauthorized movement, significantly increasing the chances of recovering your assets promptly and reducing potential losses.

Asset Tracker

Controlling Fleet Expenses Through Geotab

Our advanced fleet management software transforms connected vehicle data into crucial financial insights, allowing for precise tracking and comparison of actual operating expenses against your budget. This enables managers to pinpoint cost-saving opportunities, enhance productivity, and eliminate unnecessary expenses for optimal fleet savings.

Fleet Savings Chart
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