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Geotab GO vehicle tracking device

Steer your fleet towards the future with our cutting-edge, real-time vehicle tracking devices, equipped with advanced tracking technology.

The Most Advanced GO Device Yet

Step up to the latest in GPS vehicle tracking technology. Featuring a 32-bit processor, expanded memory, and increased RAM, the Geotab GO9 is our most capable GO device to date.

Precise GPS Monitoring

Gain precise insights with the GO9 device, which offers detailed tracking of vehicle locations, speeds, trip lengths, durations, engine idling, and more. Even in indoor or underground parking scenarios, the system activates upon driving. The upgraded Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in the GO9 ensures quicker signal acquisition and enhanced accuracy in location tracking.

Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics

Our system delivers essential information about your fleet's health. It records key details such as vehicle identification numbers (VIN), odometer readings, and engine faults. This crucial data assists in scheduling maintenance and evaluating vehicle usage to highlight both commendable and concerning driving patterns.

Enhanced Collision Alerts

The GO9 is equipped with technology to detect and analyze harsh driving events like abrupt acceleration, braking, or cornering, and it can reconstruct collisions. This device captures detailed incident data automatically and supports in-vehicle reverse collision analysis. Receive instant collision notifications through email and on your desktop for immediate response.

Robust Data Security

Geotab ensures top-tier security for the GO9 tracking devices through rigorous authentication and encryption protocols, alongside integrity checks for transmitted messages. Each device is safeguarded with a unique ID and dynamic security keys to prevent identity spoofing. Firmware updates are securely delivered over-the-air, authenticated by digital signatures to guarantee their legitimacy.

Driver Coaching Tools

Enhance driver compliance with speed regulations and reduce idle times using real-time auditory alerts. The GO9 also supports vocal coaching modules (available separately) to provide direct feedback to drivers. This immediate interaction promotes adherence to safety standards and encourages quick corrective measures in driving behavior.

Detailed Data Acquisition

The GO9 aggregates extensive vehicle data from engines, drivetrains, instrument panels, and other subsystems through its connection to various internal networks. This robust data collection framework captures and processes comprehensive vehicle metrics efficiently.

Geotab GO9 — Advancing Fleet Tracking

Automate. Integrate. Innovate. Completely reengineered, the Geotab GO9 is designed to meet the current and future demands of your fleet.

Geotab GO9

Compact and resilient build

Encased in flame-retardant black ABS.

Innovative in-cab driver coaching

Enhance driver safety with onboard feedback and optional verbal coaching tools.

Remote software updates

Supports seamless OTA updates for device, GPS, and LTE modems.

Real-time vehicle data updates

Obtain comprehensive data on location, vehicle health, and driving behavior.

Engine and battery condition evaluations

Collect key vehicle health data, including VIN, odometer, and engine issues.

Full-spectrum cybersecurity measures

Robust security with authentication, encryption, and FIPS 140-2 validated module.

IOX Technology for device scalability

Expand device functionality with third-party integrations and additional hardware.

Integrated self-adjusting accelerometer and gyroscope

Track severe vehicle movements with advanced accelerometer and gyroscope.

Advanced impact detection and notifications

High-speed LTE connectivity

Offers crucial speed and reliability, ensuring peace of mind.

Collision alerts provide detailed summaries and automatic data upload for analysis.

Simple Installation

Simply connect the GO9 directly to your vehicle’s OBD II port, or use an adapter if necessary. No need for antennas or wire-splicing. The device automatically adjusts to any installation orientation. Refer to the installation sheet below for a clear visual.

Light Duty Vehicle Installation With Adapter

GO9 Install Guide

Heavy Duty Vehicle Installation With Adapter

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