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Sourcewell & NASPO

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(National Association of State Procurement Officials)


To get all of the benefits of Geotab’s Sourcewell contract, all you need to do is to fill out the online membership application. Your organization may even already be a member, which is checked first thing in the application process. Once you have qualified, you can contact us here for a quote. Purchase orders are then processed using the Geotab Sourcewell contract number (020221-GEO) and your agency’s Sourcewell account number, which you will receive on completion of your membership application.

Customizable Offerings Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Our approach to flexibility goes beyond mere bundle deals. You're empowered to enrich your package with additional products and services that meet your exact needs, ensuring Geotab’s solutions are not only accessible but perfectly aligned with your procurement objectives.

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No Initial Costs or Binding Duration Requirements

With Geotab, upfront costs are eliminated, affording your agency the agility to implement telematics solutions without being tied to the traditional fiscal cycles or enduring contract terms.

Steady Discounted Rates and Comprehensive Package Deals

Through the Sourcewell contract, we present an inclusive package that encompasses a GO device, ProPlus Plan, harness, and installation at a consistent monthly rate, delivering supreme purchasing flexibility at an attractive cost.


Superior Pricing Structure

Our pricing strategy for the ProPlus package under Sourcewell includes all essential features and services designed to elevate your fleet’s performance, ensuring operational excellence at competitive rates.



(National Association of State Procurement Officials)

To take part in a NASPO ValuePoint contract, you will have to determine if the state you’re located in has executed a statewide participating addendum (PA) with one or more NASPO ValuePoint contractors. If so, you will be able to purchase from a Master Agreement as you would with any other state contract. However, if your state hasn’t entered into a statewide PA, then you will have to get approval from your state’s chief procurement officer. To access the NASPO ValuePoint Contract, the Geotab contract number is MA3695

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Flexibility extends beyond our bundle offers. You have the liberty to select additional products and services according to your requirements, not limited to pre-packaged options. We are dedicated to ensuring that Geotab’s offerings are accessible and convenient to procure at the point of sale.

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Zero Capital Outlay or Fixed Term Obligations

Procuring Geotab’s solution comes without any initial investment, providing organizations the leeway to acquire telematics solutions outside conventional budget cycles and without the constraint of long-term commitments.

Consistent National Discounts and Bundled Deals

Our NASPO contract’s bundled proposal includes a GO device, the ProPlus Plan, harness, and setup at a single monthly rate, offering unparalleled purchasing flexibility at an economical price point.


Unmatched Pricing

Geotab’s competitive pricing encompasses our premier ProPlus package, equipped with advanced features and functionalities tailored to enhance your fleet’s efficiency and operational capability.

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