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Geotab Integrated AI Camera Telematics

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Here at GPS Fleet Management Solutions, we provide top-notch dash cam solutions designed for the unique demands of managing a fleet. With our wide selection of camera setups supported by Geotab's reliable tech, your fleet will have what it needs to stay safe, efficient, and responsible.


Adding dash cams to your fleet isn't just about following rules or watching over things; it's about getting instant updates and keeping your operations safe from unexpected events.

Obtain clear video recordings.

Store hours of extensive video with streaming and download capabilities.

Easily examine performance metrics in conjunction with vehicle data.

Utilize artificial intelligence to detect hazardous driving behaviors.

Tailor dash cam settings to adhere to privacy standards.

Enhance onboard safety through real-time driver alerts.

Implement a guided approach for modifying driver behaviors.

Capture detailed visuals, regardless of day or night.

Customizable AI Camera Technologies for Every Environment

Customizable AI Camera Technology

Live Streaming - Real Time Video Insights

Remote Video Access - Anywhere, Anytime

AI Event-Based Notifications & Driver Coaching​

Risk Detection Services

The Surging Popularity and Critical Role of Dash Cams in Road Safety

The increasing integration of dash cams into vehicles is a testament to their vital role in enhancing road safety. These devices not only provide crucial evidence in the event of accidents but also promote safer driving behaviors, contributing significantly to the reduction of road incidents. With NSC Injury Facts shedding light on concerning trends in traffic safety, dash cams stand out as essential tools for protecting drivers and improving overall road safety.

18% Rise in Fatal Crashes: Large trucks saw an 18% increase in fatal crashes from 2020 to 2021

12% More Trucks in Injury Crashes: The number of large trucks involved in injury crashes rose by 12% from 2020

Involvement Rate in Injuries Up by 3%: Since 2016, the rate of large trucks involved in injury crashes per 100 million miles has increased by 3%

For more detailed statistics, visit NSC Injury Facts.


Live Streaming
Real Time Video Insights

Live Video Streaming offers instant access to what's happening within your fleet, enabling real-time monitoring of vehicles and drivers. This feature isn't just about keeping an eye on things; it's a tool for ensuring everyone is following safety and operational rules. With this immediate insight, managers can make quick, informed decisions, respond faster to any incidents, and maintain high standards of safety and efficiency.

Geotab Camera Solutions

Beyond just oversight, this service enhances transparency and strengthens the connection between drivers and management. Having live video means you can address emergencies swiftly, optimize routes more effectively, and ensure the quality of your service remains high. It's the perfect balance of keeping a watchful eye and empowering your team with the information they need.

Immediate Visibility: Offers on-the-spot monitoring and assessment of fleet operations.

Security and Safety: Real-time surveillance to ensure driver safety.​

Transparency: Provides a clear view of operational practices and driver compliance.​

Dynamic Response: Enables quick response to emergencies or operational challenges.

Remote Video Access
Anywhere, Anytime

Remote Video Access

Remote Video Access gives fleet managers the power to check live and recorded video from anywhere, anytime. It's a game-changer for looking into incidents, making sure rules are followed, and making driver training even better. Managers have everything they need to make smart decisions, boost safety, and fine-tune how things run.

Distracted Driving

Our system is designed with security and ease of use in mind. It offers a smooth way to handle video data, making it easier to find and review footage when you need it—for insurance claims, settling disputes, or checking compliance. Remote Video Access plays a vital role in keeping operations transparent and accountable, ensuring everyone is on the same page and standards are met across the board.

Flexible Access to Footage: Facilitates decision-making with on-demand access to video archives.

Incident Analysis: Streamlines the process of reviewing and resolving incidents.

Operational Improvement: Utilize footage for driver training and identifying areas for operational enhancements.

Secure and Convenient: Ensures data security while offering convenient access to important video resources.

AI Event-Based Notifications & Driver Coaching

AI Evnt Based Notifctn
Driver Notification 3
Driver Notification 1

The coaching feature of our service takes the data gathered and turns it into personalized advice for each driver. This includes sending notifications directly to drivers via text or email, offering immediate and actionable insights. This approach not only builds a stronger safety culture within your fleet but also encourages continuous learning and improvement. Drivers get better at spotting and avoiding risky behaviors on their own, leading to a safer driving environment and more efficient operations.

Our service leverages AI to monitor driving habits, offering instant feedback and coaching to boost safety on the road. It pinpoints behaviors that could lead to accidents, such as cell phone use or distracted driving, and provides drivers with the insights they need to drive more safely. This AI-based system is key to increasing road safety and minimizing the chances of accidents.

Be Careful!

Driver Notification 2

Reduction in Risky Driving Behaviors: Minimizes incidents by addressing behaviors that lead to accidents.

Personalized Driver Coaching: Tailored feedback for individual driver improvement and skill enhancement.

Enhanced Safety Culture: Promotes a proactive approach to safety, ingraining it as a core value within the fleet.

Reduce Costs: Leads to reduced costs associated with accidents and vehicle maintenance.

Risk Detection Services

Risk DetectionServ

Risk Detection Services proactively identify and mitigate hazards using advanced analytics, machine learning, and real-time fleet camera data, offering a detailed overview of potential risks. With features like predictive collision alerts and monitoring for driver fatigue or distraction, the service provides actionable insights to improve safety and efficiency.


High Risk Driving

Immediate attention recommended


Coachable Driving Event

Individual driver trends and coaching focus


Driving Risk Measurement of driving environment & habits


Safety Compliant Driving number of driving minutes without risk


Positive driving decisions that immediately reduce risk

This proactive risk management strategy goes beyond accident prevention, aiming to create a safer driving environment and instill a culture of mindfulness and preparedness in drivers. By continuously monitoring and analyzing data, Risk Detection Services keep fleet operators ahead, arming them with the information and tools they need to effectively reduce risks.

Proactive Hazard Identification: Advanced analytics to predict and alert on potential risks.

Improved Driver Safety: Monitors driver behavior to prevent accidents and promote safety.

Customizable Alert System: Tailors alerts to the specific needs of your fleet, enhancing relevancy and response.

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