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Geotab fleet coordination

Coordinate Your Fleet With Confidence

Plan Efficient Trips

We recognize the critical need for timely and precise deliveries to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Utilizing our advanced route optimization tools, you can effectively manage your dispatch, ensuring drivers take the most efficient routes. This not only reduces fuel consumption, mileage, and CO2 emissions but also boosts your organization’s operational efficiency, making every trip count towards your bottom line and environmental commitments.

Set Routes & View Driver Status

Route Optimization

Efficiently plan your fleet’s routes by creating a sequence of expected stops for services, deliveries, or pickups. Integrate zones for detailed monitoring and receive timely alerts. Utilize the 'Optimize' feature to refine your routes for greater efficiency, saving both time and fuel. Additionally, you have the flexibility to manually adjust the sequence of stops to perfect your routing strategy.

Geotab Manage Routes
Geotab Driver Status

Dynamic Fleet Dispatching

Leverage our real-time fleet dispatching software to swiftly adapt to changing circumstances on the ground. Assign the most suitable driver for any last-minute job to optimize costs. Seamlessly dispatch new tasks, pickup and drop-off points, zones, or entire routes to your drivers while they navigate. Extend productivity with seamless integrations with Garmin and other fleet management tools.

Increase Fleet Routing Productivity

Urban congestion significantly impacts fleet operations. Choose from a range of routing and dispatching solutions available on the Geotab Marketplace to navigate these challenges. Select the most effective routes to enhance customer service and reduce operational hours, thereby elevating your fleet’s overall productivity and efficiency.

Routes to Riches with Geotab

Smart Geofencing Solutions 

Digital Zones

Smart Geofencing Solutions, or digital zones, represent defined areas of interest crucial for managing offices, geographic regions, supplier facilities, yards, warehouses, and residential locations. Geofencing involves setting up these virtual perimeters to prompt specific actions whenever GPS-tracked devices enter or leave these areas.

For users of MyGeotab, the Intelligent Zoning Engine offers an advanced API designed to streamline the creation of these zones tailored to diverse business needs.

Geotab Geofencing

This includes:

  • Alerting when vehicles return to their yard.

  • Establishing customer and distributor zones to provide real-time delivery or pickup status updates.

  • Designating fueling zones to monitor the time and location of vehicle refueling.

  • Defining service center zones to track when vehicles are undergoing maintenance.

  • Monitoring the duration vehicles and drivers spend during pickups and drop-offs at specific locations.

Manual zone creation is often laborious and prone to mistakes, especially as street layouts and landmarks can change. By automating this process, our Intelligent Zoning Engine enhances the precision and efficiency of your operations, allowing you to concentrate on optimizing fleet performance, safety, and tracking.

Match Drivers with Vehicles


With a simple tap of the NFC fob, Geotab’s Driver ID solution allows reporting by either the driver or the vehicle asset. NFC technology helps managers keep track of each driver’s productivity and on-road safety – no matter which vehicle they are in.

Enhance driver experiences with fully digitized keys. Effortlessly lock, unlock, and locate vehicles from your phone, securely managing access across any vehicle type. Compatible with all key fob-equipped vehicles, our solution installs in minutes without wire-cutting and simplifies remote vehicle management.

Geotab Keyless


Geotab Roadside provides fast and convenient roadside services, available 24/7 and 365 days a year all seamlessly integrated with MyGeotab and Geotab Drive. Call or tap to request assistance and the nearest service provider is dispatched to the vehicle’s exact location. With real-time updates on ETA, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will soon be back on the road and back in business.

*Terms and conditions apply. Geotab Roadside is available in the U.S. and Canada (qualifying ProPlus customers only). For details, please see the Geotab Roadside Add-In User Guide.

Geotab Roadside
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