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Geotab OEM Integrations

Improve fleet management through an all-inclusive OEM telematics platform.

Gain scalable insights and manage various secure, integrated solutions on one platform for your mixed fleet.

We partner with top companies in the mobility and transportation sectors

Geotab Ford OEM Integration
Geotab Freightliner OEM Integration
Geotab HINO OEM Integration
Geotab Stellantis OEM Integration
Geotab Autocar OEM Integration

Here's the process behind your data flow

Geotab OEM Integrations Flow of Data

1. Data Security: Your vehicle data is securely collected at the OEM level and transmitted to our well-protected platform.

2. Data Standardization: We normalize data across all makes and models, allowing seamless management of any mixed fleet.

3. Unified View: Our web-based fleet management software consolidates data from each vehicle into a comprehensive view, empowering quicker, data-driven decisions.

4. Actionable Insights: By analyzing this wealth of data, we deliver valuable insights to enhance fleet solutions and help you consistently refine your operations.

Ford Symbol 4


  • Manage fuel consumption

  • Track fuel consumption, fuel used, diesel exhaust fluid and much more

  • Tire pressure

  • Excessive idling alert

  • Monitor engine data and DTCs

  • Plan maintenance

Ford Symbol 3


  • Detailed GPS tracking

  • Exception rules

  • Trips & activity reports

  • NFC Driver ID

  • Easy dispatching

Ford Symbol 1


  • Risk & safety reports

  • Track hard braking and

  • acceleration

  • Excessive RPM and speed alerts

  • Collision notifications

  • Seat belt unbuckled alert

  • In-vehicle coaching

  • Driving in reverse

Ford Symbol 2


  • Increase fuel efficiency

  • Optimize routes to reduce miles driven

  • Reduce vehicle idling

  • Coach drivers on best practices

  • Track CO2 emissions

Ford Symbol 5


  • Vehicle inspections

  • Private vs. business use

  • Excessive RPM and speed alerts

  • Supports corporate sustainability

Ford Symbol 6


  • Software development kit and APIs

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