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EVSA offers a tailored roadmap to electrify your fleet using real-world data. Identify ideal EV candidates, develop accurate forecasts, and find local EVs to reduce emissions, save costs, and maintain performance.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Fleet operators need more than range; the numbers must add up too. For range-capable vehicles, 30% have a lower total cost of ownership than ICE counterparts even without incentives. Over 26,000 vehicles could be immediately replaced by BEVs, yielding significant cost savings.

When plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are factored in, 64% of fleet vehicles can be replaced with BEVs or PHEVs at a lower cost over a seven-year lifespan, even before incentives.

If all best-fit EV recommendations were implemented, fleets would collectively save $561 million USD and 1.4 billion liters of fuel over the vehicles’ service life. This would prevent 375,550 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to burning 2,000 railcars of coal.

EVSA Geotab Savings

Tailored Electrification Solutions for Every Fleet Scenario

EV Recommendations for Depot-First Charging

Receive EV recommendations based on your depot charging capabilities. If you operate a delivery or service fleet and stopping for charging during deliveries is costly, our tailored recommendations prioritize electrification at primary dwell locations. This ensures efficient vehicle charging when needed.

Maximize Fleet Electrification Potential

Managing an urban municipal fleet with convenient public charging, on-route charging becomes a valuable asset. It's especially advantageous when vehicles don't consistently return to primary or secondary charging locations or require extended range for specific trips.

Optimize Decentralized Electrification

If your fleet operates with accessible public charging and vehicles don't return to a central hub daily, like street-level parking for sales teams, our recommendations cater to your unique requirements. We account for multiple dwell locations and charging options, minimizing dependence on centralized charging infrastructure.

Go Electric with Confidence

  • Identify electrification candidates using real-world driving data, preferences, and charging availability.

  • Develop accurate financial forecasts to support your electrification business case.

  • Quickly find suitable EV replacements with local market recommendations.

MyGeotab EV Reccomendation

Say goodbye to EV guesswork

Advance your electrification strategy with data-driven insights.

Range Assurance

  • Verify that EVs operate effectively in all conditions, including extreme weather battery performance.

  • Receive accurate vehicle recommendations based on charging availability and usage.

  • Utilize real-world EV performance data from thousands of trips.

Geotab Range Assurance
Geotab EV Charge Availability

Charging Viability

  • Select up to 20 primary charging zones, such as workplaces, depots, offices, and drivers' homes.

  • Predict the state of charge based on previous trips, stops, and available charging.

  • Define on-route charging preferences, including frequency per month or opting out.

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Analyze different scenarios to identify the most effective electrification strategy

  • Assess cost-saving opportunities and predict the total cost of EV ownership.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis by exporting simulation data.

Geotab EV Financial Analysis
Geotab EV Vehicle Selection

Vehicle Selection

  • Streamline your EV research with targeted recommendations

  • Explore current and upcoming local-market EVs for well-informed decisions

  • Verify range and capability by comparing with existing fuel vehicles.

Environmental Impact

  • Assess potential CO2 emissions reduction for your fleet.

  • Estimate fuel consumption savings when transitioning to EVs

  • Source emissions data from EPA and WLTP ratings.

Geotab EV Environmental Impact
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