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Public Works

Geotab Public Works offers a scalable and robust solution tailored for government fleet management. This system aids government agencies in overseeing vehicles like salt spreaders, snow plows, street sweepers, and waste management vehicles.

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Naspo Sourcewell
Naspo Sourcewell
Geotab ABI-Awards

Optimize your fleet's waste management and winter operations

Achieve Unmatched Insight Into Fleet Operations

Geotab Fleet Management

Unified Fleet Data Management

Centralize and leverage data from mixed fleet assets all in one location to streamline your fleet operations.

Geotab Optimized Cost

Optimized Material and Cost Efficiency

Minimize material usage and enhance routing to cut costs through strategic preventative maintenance.

Geotab Scalable

Flexible Platform Integration

Harness greater adaptability and IOX expandability. Enhance the Geotab platform with additional capabilities in asset and work management, GIS, and public information systems.

Geotab Tasks Compliance

Ensuring Compliance

Monitor compliance in real-time with interactive maps and geospatial reporting. Ensure your public works fleet adheres to maintenance standards, policies, and procedures.

Geotab GPS Mapping

Advanced Mapping and Spatial Analysis

Employ client-based mapping tools to accurately track service coverage on roads with our interactive maps and detailed geospatial reporting.

Fleet EV Geotab

Accelerating Fleet Electrification

Achieve your environmental goals by facilitating a smooth transition to electric vehicles, supported by essential data and analytics.

Snow Removal Winter Ops.jpg

Winter Ops

Prepare For Any Weather Conditions

Local governments and municipalities provide the essential service of plowing and salting roads and highways. By optimizing winter maintenance operations, you can enhance the mobility of travelers and reduce collisions caused by winter conditions. Real-time reporting on salt usage and maintenance activities ensures that roads are plowed and de-iced promptly.

Geotab Time Consuming Solutions Winter O

Streamline Complex Workflows

Elevate service quality by tracking each vehicle in your fleet with streamlined real-time reporting, simplifying the monitoring of all activities.

Optimize Performance Geotab Winter Ops_e

Enhance Fleet Efficiency

Stay informed of your fleet’s locations and routes, monitor salt dispensation levels, and assess both individual truck performance and overall fleet effectiveness.

Geotab Operating Expense

Control Operating Expenses

Gain real-time insights into driver performance and the progress of snow removal and deicing activities to effectively manage operating costs.

The Geotab Advantage - Winter Operations

  • Automated compliance and billing reports

  • Real-time tracking for winter maintenance vehicles

  • Immediate notifications for accident detection

  • Precise measurement of winter equipment usage​

  • Route optimization to decrease mileage

  • Trends in idling and fuel consumption reporting

  • Proactive maintenance strategies

  • Live updates on salt usage

Geotab Winter Ops.jpg

Here's a 5-point winter fleet maintenance checklist to ensure your equipment remains in excellent condition for precise reporting

Inspect Plow Sensor Mounting Brackets

Ensure the mounting brackets are in good condition, not bent, and correctly positioned. Check for any rust that might indicate the need for rewelding.

Verify the Controller

Ensure the controller is configured to log Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data accurately.

Review GIS Route Data

Confirm the accuracy of route completion reports and route material management reports in your software platform.

Assess Plow Sensors

Ensure sensors are connected correctly and are uniform across the fleet. Standardize installation if necessary for accurate data logging. Test the functionality of proximity, hydraulic, and mechanical sensors, and calibrate them to plow positions. Verify these positions on the map.

Calibrate Equipment

Validate the calibration of the plow, wing, and spreader with a few test runs to ensure accuracy.

Geotab Waste Management.jpg

Waste Management

Optimized Fleet Management with Real-Time Insights

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining customer satisfaction with Geotab's open telematics platform. Achieve peak productivity and sustainability through the Geotab Marketplace, an exclusive ecosystem of business-centric telematics apps and integrated solutions.

Geotab Route Optimization Waste Management

Efficient Route Planning

Maximize your fleet's efficiency by optimizing vehicle routes within MyGeotab, ensuring the most effective path is always taken.

Geotab Waste Management Camera Vision

Dashcam Integration

Easily incorporate dashcams with MyGeotab to stream real-time video through both desktop and mobile applications.

Geotab Waste Management Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel Cost Reduction

Track fuel consumption, idling patterns, and risky driving behaviors to uncover opportunities for fuel savings.

The Geotab Advantage - Waste Management

  • Monitor Fuel Usage and Idling Patterns

  • Track Engine Hours and PTO Usage

  • Geofencing and Route Planning

  • Manage Waste and Recycle Bins

  • Proof of Service

  • Integrate with Load and Axle Scale Systems

  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance

  • Measure CNG Fuel Pressure and Temperature

Real-Time Insights for Cutting-Edge Fleet Management

Waste management fleets aim for excellence in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Geotab’s open telematics platform offers the crucial data and insights needed to achieve these objectives. With comprehensive data collection, seamless integration, and unique Marketplace solutions, fleets can streamline operations and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Enhance Driver Safety

  • Comprehensive risk and safety reports

  • Driver scorecards for performance tracking

  • Real-time driver feedback with GO TALK

  • Immediate accident notifications

  • Integrated dashcam options

  • Alerts for hard braking, sharp turns, and speeding

Increase Productivity and Control Expenses

  • Create customer zones for service verification

  • Seamless mapping integration

  • Compatibility with various route optimization systems

  • Load measurement and weight alerts via axle and load scale integrations

  • Sensor data capture from bins

  • Two-way messaging capabilities

  • Driver identification features

Geotab Waste Management Solutions

Geotab GO Telematics Device

  • Quick GPS acquisitions

  • Detailed, second-by-second data

  • Highly accurate engine diagnostics

  • Self-calibrating accelerometer

  • Optional GO RUGGED IP67 device for harsh environments

Ensure Compliance

  • Reinforce company policies and procedures

  • Set policy rules and alerts

  • Manage Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, including pre- and post-trip forms

Reduce Fuel Costs and Optimize Your Fleet

  • Track fuel consumption accurately

  • Minimize speeding and unnecessary idling

  • Remote diagnostics and vehicle fault code monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance capabilities

  • Remote tire pressure monitoring

  • Monitor vehicle arm engagement

Expand Functionality

  • SDK and APIs for customization

  • Collaborate with waste-focused Marketplace solutions for dispatching and routing

  • Transmit third-party device data or sensor data from the truck to the cloud

  • IOX add-ons for expanded input/output capabilities


More Benefits

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