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Geotab Job Dispatching


Geotab Field Service Dispatch

Create a clear and constant channel between you and your employees in the field by relaying work orders, monitoring progress, and managing workloads with Encore’s Job Dispatching. Communicate job information wirelessly and instantly to employees operating in the field. Stay on top of job statuses with immediate updates from workers while also viewing a detailed history of every work order completed by employees.

Key Features

  • Dispatching orders screen shows every order and its status.

  • Drag and drop dispatching from an orders list to available workers.

  • Balance workloads by seeing exactly what employees are working and distribute directives accordingly.

  • Custom service types and worker statuses.

  • Auto-populated, recurring client information.

  • Overall order statuses and workloads quickly displayed on the dispatching dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Easily connect the office and mobile employees to create, relay, and manage work orders quickly and efficiently.

  • Save time and money by eliminating the printing of orders and the need for workers to come to the office to pick them up.

  • Balance workloads by being able to see which workers have more jobs than others.

  • Get to customers quicker by identifying the employee closest to a job order location.

  • Create reports, automatically or manually, to view detailed information on specific orders.

Geotab Mobile Timekeeping


Geotab Notification Workforce Management

Record timekeeping data electronically, making it accessible immediately. Encore enables users to clock in and out while on the go. A location stamp accompanies each time punch, ensuring employees are recording time from the correct locations.


The Dashboard presents the accumulated timekeeping data in an easily comprehensible format and can be incorporated into your current business work flow.

Key Features

  • Clock in or out from a mobile device with a GPS location for each time punch.

  • Keep track of breaks and lunches from the same application.

  • The option to add forms, photos, and signatures with each status change.

  • Timekeeping Dashboard displays weekly hours and a monthly summary.

  • The timeline shows user time-card information for the day and is color coded for quick identification.

  • Use Barcode Scanning to scan employee badges whenever they register a time-punch.

  • User Reports can be scheduled or created on demand and include:

    • Timekeeping Summary

    • User Timesheets

    • Timesheet Details

Key Benefits

  • Obtain important employee job information with each time punch, while negating the costs and burdens of paper timekeeping forms.

  • Accurately record employee time on the job and reduce payment discrepancies, such as inaccurate overtime payouts.

  • Increase accountability by requiring employees to scan their IDs when clocking in or out.

  • Verify timesheet accuracy with badge scans that accompany time-punch data.

  • Eliminate the need for workers to travel to and from headquarters to clock in and out.

  • Establish a high level of visibility between managers and employees.

Geotab Wireless Forms


Monitor Workforce

Digitize any forms you use in the field today and access them from your mobile devices. Customize field types, take pictures, and even capture signatures.


Once the form is complete and sent, the data is immediately available back at the office for analysis. No more waiting for forms to return, or dealing with misinformation due to lost, damaged, or poorly written documents.

Key Features

  • Create electronic versions of forms used in the field.

  • Choose from industry-specified, pre-built forms.

  • Customize forms to include device features such as: movement, doors opened, etc.

  • Design forms using decision logic, which shows specific questions or options based on previous form answers.

  • Draw notes directly onto a photo taken if needed.

  • Form Workflows lets employees collaborate on completing a document through wireless handoffs.

  • Use Barcode Scanning to simplify tasks like inventory tracking.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money by eliminating paper documents.

  • Prevent issues caused by illegible handwriting, lost forms, or incorrectly entered information.

  • Form transfer is nearly instant, even from the field.

  • Easily view data trends from submitted forms with custom graphs and charts.

  • Automate the process of running reports to ensure data is available when you need it.

  • Increase the efficiency of your workforce’s document processing with Form Workflows.

  • Foster improved coordination between your company’s different departments.

  • Keep better track of inventory items, and efficiently manage equipment logs.

Geotab Electronic Visitor Verification


Why EVV from Encore?

  • When you choose Encore as your EVV solution, you’re getting something much more robust than you’ll get elsewhere.

  • As new work orders come in, Visit Scheduling lets you distribute jobs to staff directly onto their mobile devices. Patient information remains confidential and workers can fit additional customers into their schedules.

  • Use intra-company Messaging to stay in contact with team members without fear of interception.

  • Keep track of your staff’s hours with Timekeeping, which lets them punch in and out from anywhere.

  • With Barcode Scanning, stay updated on medical supply statuses or use patient wristbands to check in customers.

  • Encore Vault makes it infinitely easier for you to accurately record patient visits, giving irrefutable records that prove services rendered. With this solution, you can capture all necessary data points required. Other benefits include:

  • An end-to-end secure network for communication.

  • The ability to run reports verifying date- and

  • time-stamped visits.

  • An easy-to-implement software to get started quickly.

  • Digital signature and audio notes for an added layer of verification.

  • Modifying patient-visit schedules on the fly for improved service.

  • Reduced instances of insurance fraud.

Encore EVV:
Visit Scheduling

  • Access schedules from mobile devices

  • View patient care plans

  • Update visit status to capture required data

  • Turn by turn navigation

Encore EVV:
Mobile Forms

  • Pre-Built EVV form

  • Available audio, image, or and signature capture

  • Available in online or offline modes

Encore EVV with Time:
Visit Scheduling

• All the same features from stand-alone EVV


• Clock in and out, lunches and breaks

• Track mileage reporting

  • Secure, intra-company messaging

  • Comprehensive reports for easy analyzation of captured data

Available add-on: Continuous GPS tracking provides near real-time worker locations and smarter scheduling.

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