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A Commitment to Fleet Safety

At GPS Fleet Management Solutions, we recognize that the essence of fleet management extends beyond mere operational efficiency to encompass the safety of every individual on the road. Our dedication to fleet safety is propelled by the integration of cutting-edge telematics technology, comprehensive real-time data analytics, and intuitive user interfaces.
As a pioneer in fleet safety solutions, we commit to enhancing the well-being of drivers and the communities they operate within, making Geotab your reliable ally on the journey toward a safer and more efficient future.

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Empowering Safety Management

Geotab’s suite of safety management tools, including GO devices, video telematics, and predictive analytics, is designed to foster a culture of safety within your fleet. By offering detailed safety analytics and timely insights into driver performance, we empower fleet managers to effectively coach their teams, leading to notable improvements in safety outcomes. This proactive approach to safety management underlines our commitment to not just monitoring but actively enhancing driver safety.

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Vision on Safety: Camera Integrations

Our integrated camera solutions serve as a cornerstone for advancing fleet safety. By providing a clear view of driver behavior and delivering real-time feedback, these technologies play a pivotal role in preventing accidents and enhancing accountability. The actionable insights gained from camera integrations are instrumental in promoting a safe driving environment, making them a critical component of our comprehensive safety toolkit.


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Risks & Safety Trends

Geotab’s advanced reporting tools delve deep into driver on-road activities, assigning risk and safety scores based on key behaviors such as speeding, seatbelt usage, and braking habits. These insights allow for the development of targeted coaching programs and performance benchmarks, fostering an environment where safety is continuously improved. Through daily, weekly, or monthly trend analysis, managers are equipped to make informed decisions that bolster fleet safety and compliance.

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Driver Safety Reporting

Our risk management reports offer a transparent view of safety policy adherence, comparing incidents of rule violations against total miles driven to ensure a fair assessment across your entire fleet. This data is crucial for reinforcing safety policies, enabling organizations to maintain a level playing field and promote best practices in driver safety. By highlighting areas for improvement, Geotab facilitates a culture of safety and responsibility.

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Asset Integrity: Ensuring Fleet Health

Maintaining the health and safety of your fleet's assets is vital. Geotab’s GO devices and predictive maintenance strategies play an essential role in preempting failures and theft, securing both your vehicles and the safety of those who operate them. This focus on asset integrity ensures that your fleet remains reliable, efficient, and, most importantly, safe.


Mitigating Environmental Risks

Geotab’s solutions for navigating environmental risks, such as adverse weather and hazardous road conditions, emphasize the importance of preparedness. Utilizing tools like Geotab Drive and video telematics, fleets can ensure their drivers and vehicles are equipped to safely manage any challenges posed by the environment, safeguarding both drivers and the communities they serve.

Incident Risk Reduction

Our approach to minimizing the impact of incidents involves advanced collision detection, video telematics, and strategic insurance partnerships. This comprehensive strategy allows for swift responses and effective claim management, maintaining high safety standards while managing insurance costs. Through these measures, Geotab supports fleets in achieving a balance between safety and cost-efficiency.

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Operational Safety Efficiency

Geotab’s telematics solutions and Marketplace partnerships offer a pathway to reducing operational risks, thereby protecting your fleet’s bottom line. By managing expenses and maximizing asset utility, we enhance both safety and operational efficiency. This integration of safety with financial health underscores our belief that a safe fleet is also an efficient and profitable one.

Boost Fleet & Driver Efficiency

The advanced insight provided by Geotab’s patented breadcrumb trail tracking illuminates the path to enhanced fleet and driver productivity. By monitoring every detail of driving behavior and comparing it to defined company policies, our technology enables fleets to manage by exception, focusing on areas outside policy adherence.


Coupled with detailed trip and activity management and real-time tracking, Geotab not only boosts productivity but also aligns it with your fleet’s safety and efficiency goals.

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Optimize Your Fleet & Fuel Efficiency 

Geotab optimizes fleet and fuel efficiency by monitoring every aspect of fuel usage, from consumption to fill-ups. Leveraging GPS tracking, fleet managers can enhance route planning, control vehicle speed, reduce idling, and streamline fuel card and maintenance management to cut down on unproductive miles.


Additionally, Geotab’s advanced GPS and accelerometer data enable proactive coaching for drivers to improve driving habits, thereby extending the life of brakes and tires and contributing to significant cost savings.

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Speed Monitoring and Incident Management

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Geotab's solutions enable precise monitoring of driver speed against posted road limits across various environments, including city streets, highways, and designated zones. This insight into driver behavior reveals changes in driving styles based on the surrounding context, enhancing safety in customer or work zones.

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Our instant accident notifications system, powered by Geotab's patented algorithm, provides immediate alerts and detailed data from moments before an impact, facilitating rapid decision-making and comprehensive accident reconstruction.



For fleets opting to self-insure, Geotab’s fleet management tools are invaluable in identifying preventable incidents, mitigating risks, and reducing costs related to personal injury claims. By pinpointing risky driving habits, Geotab also offers real-time coaching to drivers, further decreasing the likelihood of accidents and associated claims.

Fleet Coordination Hub



With a simple tap of the NFC fob, Geotab’s Driver ID solution allows reporting by either the driver or the vehicle asset. NFC technology helps managers keep track of each driver’s productivity and on-road safety – no matter which vehicle they are in.



Simplify your communication with your drivers. Route information can be sent to your Garmin, which automatically navigates drivers to new destinations. Driver status can also be set to “on the job” and vehicle colors can be changed on the map according to their status.



MyGeotab is fully customizable, including setting up how you want to see your data. The fleet tracking system also provides unlimited possibilities to create custom rules and reports that suit your exact fleet needs.


Unlimited Custom Reports 



Leverage Geotab's fuel efficiency reports to benchmark fuel consumption across your fleet. These reports analyze fuel usage data to compare drivers or vehicles, pinpointing areas for improvement. With Geotab's GPS fleet management solutions, gain insights into driving behaviors that adversely affect your fleet's fuel economy. Let us help you monitor and enhance fuel efficiency, driving more value from your operations.



Geotab recognizes the critical need for timely and precise deliveries to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Utilizing our advanced route optimization tools, you can effectively manage your dispatch, ensuring drivers take the most efficient routes. This not only reduces fuel consumption, mileage, and CO2 emissions but also boosts your organization’s operational efficiency, making every trip count towards your bottom line and environmental commitments.



Stay ahead of engine problems with proactive management of engine fault codes. Geotab’s system enables early detection of engine issues, preventing them from escalating into expensive repairs or causing vehicle downtime. Quickly identify and diagnose engine problems, significantly cutting down vehicle inspection times and costs. Embrace proactive vehicle maintenance with Geotab, and keep your fleet running smoothly.

Transforming Fleet Management

The quality of the decisions you make are only as good as the information you receive. Learn about Geotab’s five pillars of innovation that can help boost your fleet and driver productivity.

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