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Public Safety

When Waiting Isn't an Option

Police & first responders fleet management depends on real-time visibility. By utilizing fleet monitoring software, performance can be optimized, enhancing the productivity, safety, and compliance of emergency services.

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Naspo Sourcewell
Naspo Sourcewell

Superior Technology for First Responders

Tracking Public Safety Fleets

Improve coordination during emergency responses with integrated systems that allow for seamless communication between vehicles and dispatch centers. This ensures that first responders have all the information they need to handle incidents effectively

Emergency Response Geotab
Fleet Management Reporting Geotab

Robust Reporting Tools

Utilize robust reporting tools to generate detailed reports on various aspects of fleet performance, including response times, maintenance activities, and fuel usage. These reports can be used to identify areas for improvement and optimize fleet operations

Prioritize Security

A Relentless Commitment to Data Security for the Highest Standards

  • Telematics Platform Authorized by FedRAMP

  • Telematics Device Validated by FIPS 140-2 Standards

  • 24/7 Cybersecurity Threat Prevention

Prioritize Security Geotab
Geotab GO TALK

Training and Development

Provide continuous training and development for your drivers with integrated training programs and real-time feedback tools like GO TALK. These resources help improve driver performance and safety, ensuring that your team is always prepared for any situation​

Essential Features for First Responder Fleets

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Enable first responders to reach incidents swiftly and safely with real-time data from rolling assets, seamlessly integrated with leading CAD systems.

Advanced Security Monitoring

Receive instant alerts when collisions occur. Forensic data is promptly uploaded to MyGeotab for thorough examination.

Integrated In-Car Sensor Technology

Enhance vehicle security with remote locking capabilities, while monitoring the usage of connected in-car assets and temperatures for K9 units and sensitive materials.

Priority Mobile Broadband Services

Maintain open communication channels during emergencies with prioritized mobile broadband services designed specifically for first responders.

Geotab Maintenance

Streamlined Vehicle Maintenance

Perform routine vehicle maintenance checks with ease, ensuring that your vehicles remain road-ready and in peak condition.

Geotab Electrify

Electric Vehicle Management

Monitor electric vehicle performance efficiently, and easily determine which vehicles are charged and prepared for the day's tasks.

More Benefits

Explore additional benefits of choosing GPSFMS by clicking the links below.

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