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Fleet Management Tools for the New Mobility Scenario

Author: Jorge Sanchez, Business Development Manager

The automotive sector is in the middle of a transition period. The rise of ridesharing is reducing the need for personal car ownership, governments are imposing stronger environmental rules on vehicles, and IoT and electrification technology has increased. Fleets that do not optimize for this new industry risk missing out on the opportunities it can provide.

Telematics solutions like Geotab are essential for driving improvements within this new mobility scenario. These tools enable fleet managers to take proactive, data-driven steps towards solving problems and optimizing their fleets’ performance so they can stay competitive.

Fleet management in the new mobility scenario

Running a fleet is a significant investment for government bodies and private businesses. The emergence of new mobility scenarios means fleets are under more pressure than ever to streamline their operations and justify this investment.

Geotab’s GO devices and the MyGeotab platform give businesses access to numerous reports on fleet activity. These metrics can be analyzed and tracked to identify opportunities for greater safety, efficiency, and performance. The data can also be combined with several tools to better support policies for fleet improvement across multiple dimensions.

Track exceptions to improve safety

Vehicle collisions create significant losses for businesses. Aggressive driving, speeding and ignoring the seat belt are just a few examples of behavior that jeopardize the safety of the driver and pedestrians. Exceptions can be set up within MyGeotab to alert fleet managers when drivers break pre-set rules. Driving patterns can also be analyzed to identify the drivers most in need of additional coaching. The GO TALK Add-On for the Geotab GO device can provide this coaching through real-time, in-cab verbal prompts.

Target idling and fuel consumption to raise efficiency

Fleet performance can be optimized by reducing vehicle idle time and optimizing routes taken. These measures maximize vehicle up-time, support a better customer experience and help reduce fuel consumption and related expenses.

MyGeotab can monitor idle times, compare expected and actual trip durations, and compare routes to strengthen performance. Fuel usage can be tracked and evaluated to see which vehicles are consuming the most and why, with an eye towards reducing future consumption.

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Implement proactive maintenance and management

Fleets can only be as good as the vehicles they use. Drivers can log DTC diagnosis, real-time alerts and mileage tracker readings through the Geotab platform. This information, and others, is then used to identify which vehicles should be brought in for maintenance. If fault codes are detected, MyGeotab will suggest courses of action (leave for next maintenance, service immediately, etc.) based on severity. These steps reduce downtime and help avert costly breakdowns.

Transition to electric vehicles

Geotab’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) analyzes a business’ current fleet and creates a plan for a total or partial fleet electrification. The EVSA evaluates how often a vehicle is used, how much fuel can be saved by electrification, and other details to support informed decision-making. These assessments are especially valuable for fleets nearing the end of their life cycle or fleets that are facing new pressures from environmental regulations.


As more fleets transition to the new mobility scenario, the pressure on those lagging behind will only increase. Telematics solutions can be combined with the Internet-of-Things and big data to create detailed breakdowns of fleet activity. This new information empowers fleet managers to optimize their operations and adjust for the new landscape.

Geotab provides a platform that helps fleets optimize their performance, reduce costs, and stay in peak condition. Request a demo to see MyGeotab in action.

Request a demo today to learn more.

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