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What's new in MyGeotab - April 2024

Introducing MyGeotab's Enhanced Menu

Unlock fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability like never before with MyGeotab's redesigned menu. This updated interface now smartly categorizes solutions from Geotab and our integrators, making it easier to navigate according to your fleet management needs.

Starting April 30, 2024, this new menu will be the default setting in Feature Preview for all customers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this new layout, as the old menu will be phased out in the coming months.

✱ NOTE: For MyGeotab databases utilizing custom Add-ins, these will be relocated to the Add-ins menu by default. If you wish to move an Add-in to another dropdown menu (e.g., Safety, Compliance, Sustainability), please consult the Configuring Menu Add-ins for New Navigation guide.

Simplifying the User Interface

Changes to Active Tracking in the UIActive Tracking, known for providing real-time verbal alerts and live asset tracking on the map, will soon be enabled by default on all GO devices. This enhancement means that you no longer need to manually toggle Active Tracking when editing an asset, simplifying your workflow and ensuring continuous connectivity and control.

Consequently, the Active Tracking toggle has been removed from the asset editing interface, eliminating the option to disable this feature.

Moving the Product Guide

Geotab provides accurate product information through Google Docs, but the platform's limitations have affected the Product Guide. When Google Docs reached the maximum character limit, users encountered technical difficulties accessing it. To resolve this, we've created a new document and updated all relevant links to point to the new Product Guide. Please remember to update your bookmarks to stay informed!

! IMPORTANT: You can still access the new Product Guide directly through the MyGeotab application. All necessary links have been updated for seamless navigation.

Simplifying EV Integrations with ChargeEvents

We're committed to delivering accurate, reliable EV data. Our updated ChargeEvent API caters to your specific needs, whether it's managing home charge reimbursements, detecting fraud in public charging, or tracking other applications dependent on charging history.

It's vital to know where, when, and how much energy your assets consume. Our improved ChargeEvent methodology ensures API users receive comprehensive, accurate ChargeEvents without duplication or missing data. You can now confidently monitor your EV charging activities with more precision.

Unresolved Defects Automatically Carry Over to the Next Asset Inspection

During an asset inspection, if a minor defect is detected but does not impair safe vehicle operation, drivers can mark it as "Repair not necessary." Despite this designation, the defect must be noted again during the next inspection to ensure visibility for the next driver.

To improve efficiency and maintain oversight of vehicle defects, this feature now automatically carries over minor issues to subsequent inspections until a final decision is made.

Drivers no longer need to remember to manually re-add unresolved defects, and fleet managers don't have to worry about these issues being missed if drivers forget to include them during the next inspection.

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