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Government Case Studies

Explore the impact of Geotab's solutions through our compelling Government Case Studies page, where we highlight the success stories of government fleets nationwide. These case studies illustrate Geotab's excellence in enhancing operational efficiency, improving safety protocols, and promoting sustainability in government operations. From small towns to large cities, discover how our advanced telematics solutions have empowered public sector fleets to achieve remarkable improvements and set new standards in fleet management. Join us as we showcase the real-world results and testimonials that underscore why Geotab is the premier choice for government fleets looking to innovate and excel.

Town of Blacksburg.png

Case Study 1:

Discover how the Town of Blacksburg Department of Public Works achieved unparalleled data accuracy and reporting depth in fleet operations with Geotab's Public Works solution, enhancing their service delivery and operational oversight.

Case Study 2:

Explore how the Massachusetts Department of Transportation revolutionized winter operations, balancing safety, environmental compliance, and cost management through advanced telematics, significantly reducing road salt usage while maintaining clear and safe roadways.

Massachusetts DOT.png
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Case Study 3:

See how the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet minimized human error and transformed employee perceptions around telematics, ensuring smoother and safer state and federal highway operations through Geotab's innovative technology.

Case Study 4:

Learn how the City of Spokane streamlined solid waste collection processes, moving away from manual methods to Geotab's efficient, paperless system, improving service for over 88,000 citizens with a fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

City of Spokane.png
Arlington County.png

Case Study 5:

Find out how Arlington County significantly increased operational efficiency across its densely populated area, with Geotab's accurate and easy-to-install telematics solution, optimizing public service delivery.

Case Study 6:

Discover the dramatic turnaround in driver behavior and efficiency the California Department of Conservation achieved with Geotab, marking a 100% improvement almost immediately after transitioning to their new telematics solution.

California Department of Conservation.png
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