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Referral Program Rewards Initiative

Our Referral Program: A Token of Appreciation

We're thrilled to introduce our Referral Program, a gesture of gratitude for those who help extend the reach of our community by welcoming new members. This initiative not only rewards you but also highlights the crucial role you play in our journey towards expansion and in making our solutions accessible to a broader audience.

As a token of our appreciation, introduce businesses within your network to our telematics solutions, and receive a $20 cash reward, or an account rebate for each device they install. We've made the process simple: just complete the referral form below. Your efforts to connect us with new members spark innovation and fuel our collective growth.

Submit Your Referral Here

Please take a moment to fill out the form with your referred company's information.

Referred Company's Fleet Size

Thanks for submitting, we will be reaching out with more information!

Questions? Contact us now!

Renee Depuydt, Sales Director - (616) 550-2812 /

Jordan Wanchock, Telematics Professional - (919) 740-5657 /

Dalton Counts, Telematics Professional - (919) 745-0281 /

Office, Support - (877) 771-2236 /

Eric Counts, Managing Member - (877) 771-2236 / 

Terms & Conditions


  • Receive a $20 cash reward, or an account rebate, for every device installed thanks to your referral, with rewards capped at $2000 for each referred company. We may also extend additional incentives depending on the outcome of the referral and specific conditions.


  • Rewards issued post-installation/activation.

  • Unlimited referrals allowed, but rewards adjust based on installation volume.

  • Referred companies must be new clients, not previously engaged with us within the last year.

General Terms:

  • GPS Fleet Management Solutions may modify or terminate the program without notice.

  • Participation implies acceptance of these terms.

  • All program decisions by GPS Fleet Management Solutions are final.

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