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Manage All Assets From One
Powerful Open Platform!

Learn how to increase productivity, reinforce driver safety, cut fuel costs, and reduce maintenance expense with the world's leading connected vehicle company.

Free Trial on Your Vehicle of Choice. Evaluate First-Hand for FREE!


When you hire GPSFMS, we become part of your team! You will enjoy one direct point of contact and dozens of team members behind the scenes working for you and your business. Our day-to-day focus is your fleet efficiency, profitability, and employee safety!

"Phenomenal staff training and technical support!  There is no comparison between you and any of our other vendors.  When we need assistance, someone is always available to take our call.” 

QuikTrip Corporation – Tulsa, OK

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Live Fleet Dash Cams

The Next Revolution in Driver Safety

Elevate your fleet's safety to new heights with GPSFMS Integrated Video Telematics — the pinnacle of live video technology tailored for fleets. Experience unparalleled durability and ease of installation with our future-proof, rugged hardware.

Step into the future with features like Live Streaming and Distracted Driver Detection, alongside the ease of managing all vehicles from a secure cloud dashboard, GPS route tracking, and instant access to video retrievals stored for 30 days, our system is designed to simplify your fleet management while significantly enhancing safety and efficiency.

VP Camera Dashboard

Integrated Video

VP Camera
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The World Leading Vehicle Tracking Device

GO9 Device
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Rugged and Reliable GPS Tracking Device

GO Rugged is a ruggedized telematics device designed for harsh conditions or external installation. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO8, with the added benefit of being designed to the IP67 standard (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water).


GPS FMS Integrated Self-Powered 4G/LTE Tracking Devices

Trailers, Containers, Equipment, Tools

Just Slap-n-Track!
(Installation Not Required!)

GPSFMS offers reliable, affordable and innovative solutions that are low-profile, rugged weather-proofed 4G/LTE devices designed for tracking trailers, containers, skip bins, small equipment, tools, and other non-powered assets where super-long battery life and remote tracking is required.





Flex Solar


TTU Asset


Phillips Assettrac


MicroPlus Asset




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Fleet Savings and Emissions Calculator

The displayed savings represent fuel savings attributed to reduced idle time, optimized speed, and minimized non-work-related activities.

*Not accounted for are savings from improved payroll accuracy, enhanced jobsite productivity tools, maintenance tracking with predictive alerts, insights for asset redeployment or fleet optimization, driver safety enhancements leading to insurance discounts, and streamlined fleet management through AI-driven automation.

Experience the Difference

#1 Telematics Provider Worldwide

Geotab Global Solution

Enables superior predictive insights and decision-making across fleet operations.

Geotab Patented Curve Algorithm

Optimizes GPS data logging for the most accurate and efficient fleet tracking.

Geotab Worldwide

The fleet telematics solution trusted by millions globally.

Free GPS Demo


Request to have us set up your demo account and to have a unit headed your way. Simply provide us with your contact information and we will reply for your shipping address.

After confirming your request, we will ship the most advanced, capable, and cost effective platform ever developed. Upon delivery, simply plug the unit into the vehicle you want to test.

You'll be able to run the system, in its entirety for 21 days, and witness firsthand its ease-of-use and flawless functionality within your own day-to-day operations.

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