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Take the Guesswork Out of Fleet Electrification

The transition to EVs can be seamless, with Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA). As government agencies increasingly invest in sustainability initiatives, Geotab can help you meet your sustainability goals through fleet electrification.

Go Electric With Confidence

EVSA offers a tailored roadmap to electrify your fleet, driven by real-world data. Identify the perfect EV candidates, create solid financial forecasts, and effortlessly choose the right EVs from local markets. Our comprehensive solution helps fleets reduce emissions, find cost savings, and ensure performance excellence, making fleet electrification a breeze.

  •  Identify electrification candidates with real-world driving data, preferences and charging availability.

  • Get reliable financial forecasts and comparisons to build an electrification business case.

  • Save time finding EV replacements with local market best-fit model recommendations.

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EV Battery Levels.png

EV Battery Charge Levels

Maximize EV fleet efficiency with real-time charge monitoring. Our platform offers map overlays to track EV locations, charge states, and charging status, ensuring optimal route assignments and charging compliance. Gain comprehensive insights into every EV's charging status, and manage your fleet's energy use and costs effectively.

EV Driver Vehicle Inspection Report.png

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Streamline compliance and enhance safety with our digital inspection reports. Surpass DOT compliance effortlessly, support your teams in meeting operational standards, and implement proactive maintenance. Navigate FMCSA requirements smoothly with our comprehensive tools for ELD, DVIR, HOS, and more, improving safety and operational efficiency.

EV Charging Station.png

EV Charging Status

Efficiently manage EV charging with integrated data and load management solutions. Ensure your EVs are always ready with state-of-charge based charging and gain deeper insights by combining vehicle and station data. Our platform simplifies large-scale EV charging management, offering a seamless transition to electrification.

EV Utilization.png

Least Utilized Vehicles

Optimize your fleet with data-driven vehicle utilization insights. Identify pooling opportunities, rightsize your fleet, and digitize key management to enhance driver productivity. Our modern motorpool strategy leverages telematics for increased utilization and efficiency, tailored to your fleet's needs with scalable Geotab Keyless solutions.

EV Driver Safety Scorecard.png

Driver Safety Scorecard

Boost your fleet's safety with the Driver Safety Scorecard. This tool focuses on reducing collisions and enhancing community safety by improving driver behavior through in-cab coaching and scorecards.

EV Reccomendation Summary.png

Assessment Recommendation Summary

Transition to electric with confidence using our electrification assessment. Determine which vehicles to replace with EVs based on function and range, and receive a personalized electrification blueprint. Identify EV-ready vehicles, forecast savings and CO2 reductions, and get specific EV model recommendations to optimize your fleet's electrification journey.

EV Procurement Tool.png

EV Procurement Tool

  • Best-fit electric vehicles to replace current ICE vehicles in your fleet

  • Lifetime cost savings based on EV recommendations

  • Estimated reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions


EV Replacement Plan.png

Personalized EV Replacement Plan

  • Prioritize which ICE vehicles can be replaced by which range and charge capable EVs currently available in the market.

  • Total cost of ownership analysis inclusive of ZEV incremental costs (for leased vehicles) over the lifetime of the recommended range and charge capable EVs. 

  • Project fuel and carbon emission reductions potential over the lifetime of the recommended EVs.


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