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What's new in MyGeotab - March 2024

Safety Center

Geotab has introduced a new safety reporting feature called Collision Analytics in its MyGeotab platform, as previewed at Connect 2024. This feature, part of the expanding Safety Center, offers detailed insights into fleet safety risks using AI models and data from over 4 million connected vehicles. It provides analysis on collision risks, trend forecasts, and benchmarked risks across entire fleets, specific groups, or individual assets. Additionally, it evaluates changes in risk based on driving behaviors like speeding, acceleration, braking, and cornering. More features are expected to be added to the Safety Center in the coming months.

Geotab Safety Center

Streamlined managing asset information

Geotab has enhanced the management of Asset Details on its platform to create a more user-friendly and streamlined experience. The updates include simplifying terminology (e.g., changing "Asset type group" to "Asset type"), reorganizing fields and settings into intuitive categories, and adding visibility to connected trailers. Information icons and tooltips have also been introduced to provide extra details where necessary. These improvements aim to reduce complexity and improve the ease of editing assets.

Importing fuel transactions for EFS fuel cardholders

EFS cardholders can now import their fuel transactions into MyGeotab to monitor fuel fill-ups, an important feature for managing costs, maintaining vehicle health, and enhancing efficiency. Users are encouraged to use this beta feature to help Geotab gather valuable data on EFS fuel transactions, which will aid in improving data quality and optimizing the system. Tracking fuel consumption also supports budget management, early detection of issues, and environmentally friendly driving practices.

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